Rental Cabin Questionnaire

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Rental Cabin Specialty Program Questionnaire

Business Name:                                                                                                                                                                     

Mailing Address:                                                                                                                                                                    

Physical Address:                                                                                                                                                                   

Point of Contact:                                                           Phone Number:                                                                           

Email Address:                                                               Website Address:                                                                        

Rental Cabins (List a description of each structure-cabin nickname and number of families it sleeps)

Cabin 1:                                                            # of Families:      Square Footage:              Basement: Y/N

Cabin 2:                                                            # of Families:      Square Footage:               Basement: Y/N

Cabin 3:                                                            # of Families:      Square Footage:               Basement: Y/N

Cabin 4:                                                            # of Families:     Square Footage:               Basement: Y/N

Cabin 5:                                                            # of Families:     Square Footage:               Basement: Y/N

Cabin 6:                                                            # of Families:     Square Footage:               Basement: Y/N

Cabin 7:                                                            # of Families:     Square Footage:               Basement: Y/N

Cabin 8:                                                            # of Families:     Square Footage:               Basement: Y/N

Cabin 9:                                                            # of Families:     Square Footage:               Basement: Y/N

Cabin 10:                                                          # of Families:     Square Footage:               Basement: Y/N

If more than 10 rental cabins, please print a second questionnaire and fill in the rest.

Premises Liability (Complete all questions related to General Liability exposures on your property)

Is your business on a river or lake:                           Name of body of water:                                            

# of kayaks:        # of SUPs:           # of canoes:       # of rowboats:                   other type of boat:              

# of docks:          # of beach areas:            # of play areas (playground equipment):              

# of cabins with wood heat (fireplace/woodstove):